Sara Distin

Sara Distin

Sara Distin is a writer, editor, and communications strategist.

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The Made Shop | Communication Arts

Never shying away from experimentation, this Denver-based design firm also nurtures a burgeoning community....

Viewing the World Through Mark Mothersbaugh's Glasses | AIGA Eye on Design

Viewing the World Through Mark Mothersbaugh's Glass...

Open uri20140520 1758 1rm75za article

Paper, Ping Pong and Spilled Milk: Absurd Photos of California ...

Paper, Ping Pong and Spilled Milk: Absurd Photos of...

Open uri20140520 19543 hf76kv article

Mark Dorf's Photographic Dreamscapes

Mark Dorf's Photographic Dreamscapes

Open uri20140520 19543 1rszpdc article

Muscle Beach: Photos of Bodybuilders in Ukraine - LightBox

Muscle Beach: Photos of Bodybuilders in Ukraine - L...

Open uri20140520 19543 5dtzpg article

Portraits of the Winners, the Best and Better in Belarus

Portraits of the Winners, the Best and Better in Be...

Open uri20140129 31726 1d9sblo article

Staging Reality: Alex Prager’s Timeless Faces in the Crowd | LightBox |

Prager's colorful, elaborately staged photographs of crowds, on view at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, comprise the artist's most ambitious project to date....

Open uri20140129 31726 o4yro8 article

Behind the Scenes: Martin Schoeller Shoots (and Eats!) with Three Famous Chefs | LightBox |

When Martin Schoeller was thinking about how he wanted to photograph Alex Atala, René Redzepi, and David Chang, he decided to head for the wilds....

Open uri20140129 31726 c74610 article

Life and Death in Varanasi: Portraits From the Banks of a Sacred River | LightBox |

When David Leventi arrived in Varanasi, India, to photograph the palaces along the Ganges River as he had documented those along the canals in Venice, Italy, he realized this project would be a significant departure from his expectations....

Open uri20140129 31726 jzza2d article

Photos of Bangladesh’s Toxic River | LightBox |

The Buriganga River gave life to Dhaka, and Dhaka killed it. Photographer Ugo Borga documents the human and environmental catastrophe unfolding in Bangladesh....

Open uri20140129 31726 1rz5d4s article

Flashback to the Timeless Malls of the 1980s | LightBox |

In the winter of 1989, Michael Galinsky drove across the U.S. photographing malls and the people inside them. Looking back, it's not where in the U.S. Galinsky photographed — it's impossible to tell Indiana from Arkansas — but when....

Open uri20131022 17832 1e70kng article

Go Behind the Scenes with Benedict Cumberbatch | LightBox |

In a quick and collaborative shoot for TIME, photographer Paola Kudacki caught a break in Benedict Cumberbatch's perfect appearance....

Open uri20130621 9730 sdex5y article

Affordable Art: Tamara Thomsen's Watercolor Chambers – Flavorwire

Tamara Thomsen makes the bones of old homes beautiful. In her large-scale watercolor paintings, spare and elegant architecture is rendered ageless and glamorous in jeweled washes of lime, lemon, ma...

Open uri20130621 9730 p62xkz article

Beyond the Drugs: Exploring the Work of Artist Fred Tomaselli ...

Fred Tomaselli may be best known for amassing and using copious amounts of pills and herbs in his paintings. But the Brooklyn-based artist is a collector at heart — acquiring, archiving, and assemb...

Open uri20130621 19659 1tfvbz6 article

Carlo Van de Roer's Paranormal Photographs – Flavorwire

Photographer Carlo Van de Roer is willing to believe — or at least pretend that he might believe — in the unbelievable. His two most recent projects, Orbs and Portrait Machine Project, focus on sup...